Radical Contact List

If you think your scene is just an isolated bubble, think again! Radical community spaces are popping up everywhere. This list is the web companion to what is printed in your Slingshot organizer. Because of the unlimited space of the internet, we are able to include more places & information here online than in the organizer.

Also, any updates or changes to what is printed in the organizer will be here. If you see a star (*) next to an entry it is brand new. If you see an exclamation point (!) next to an entry, that means it has changed since the last update. If you see an entry that has been retired to the RIP section then you should get out there and try to start something yourself!

Good luck! And let us know of any changes or additions that should be made by emailing us at slingshot (at) tao (dot) ca.

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The Rockies & Southwest USA Northwest USA California
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Asia Africa & the Middle East Australia & New Zealand