February 12, 2017, 1-9pm: Help mail Slingshot issue #123!!!

at Long Haul Infoshop:  3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley.

Many hands make light work — we’ll be mailing 12,000 copies to all 50 states and about 20 countries.  Make new friends — drop by for an hour anytime between 1 and 9 pm or stay the whole time.  Please bring rubber bands if you can . . .   ALSO if you live outside the bay area and want us to snail mail you copies of the paper for free so you can distribute them, email us NOW.  And double ALSO if you live in the Bay Area and can take a stack somewhere to distribute (libraries, cafes, theaters, doctor’s offices, laundrymats, bookstores, coops, protests, meetings, parties, etc.) come by 3124 Shattuck Ave either on Feb. 12 or any Sunday – Thursday between 6-9 pm and you can pick up copies of the paper!!!

The 2017 is NOW available!  click here to see information about the organizer.     There is list of local stores that carry the organizer, links to mail-order distro websites, and names of the cover colors. (NOTE: if you know of a store that might want to carry the organizer, email it to us and we can send them free sample copy.


Also, PLEASE bring us your spare rubber bands  – we need them for the mailing!!!!!



The Slingshot Collective