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Introduction to Issue #112

Introduction to Issue #112

Slingshot is an independent radical newspaper published in Berkeley since 1988.

Speaking your truth can be a risk. Sometimes people get pissed at you, or you realize later that what you said wasn’t actually true, or maybe it became untrue with time. How do we build a movement when communication is laden with so much risk? In this issue of Slingshot we printed hella articles about communication. Communication with others, with ourselves, with our environment. Open and honest communication is the only way we can learn and grow. With growth comes pain, but if we never push past our familiar routines, what are we but ghosts of our former selves? Neurologists have recently pointed out what radicals knew all along: the brain starts dying when you don’t take risks.

Recently, some members of the collective have noticed that the world outside the Berkeley vortex seems to be undergoing a cultural shift. Towns that had no counter-culture five years ago are now buzzing with travelers, squatters, info shops, coops, and all sorts of great radical stuff. And there’s been this incredible self-determined Indigenous movement, called “Idle No More,” sprouting up in Canada and around the globe, with native people demanding autonomy over their environment and communities. As we hot-waxed their article to the page, the author of “Keeping Carbon in the Ground” (on pages 10-11) called us from a march in Toronto as helicopters were circling overhead. Folks are up to something! Smashing the state with one hand and creating sustainable communities with the other.

According to the biological definition, a “radical” is the part of a plant’s root structure that is new. A radical is fresh and green, shooting off into new spaces. A radical also must be more aware and sensitive than any other part of the plant’s root structure, so it can make careful decisions based on the availability of nutrients and water. As human radicals, we embody a beautiful, reckless growth. We push towards something new and better. We walk to the very edge of the paths blazed by those who came before and we continue to push forward in the dark, warm soil as the permaculture sprouts in our wake.

Slingshot is always looking for new writers, artists, editors, photographers, translators, distributors, etc. to make this paper. If you send something written, please be open to editing.

Editorial decisions are made by the Slingshot Collective but not all the articles reflect the opinions of all collectives members. We welcome debate and constructive criticism.

Thanks to the people who made this: Angie, Darin, enola d!, eggplant, Fern, Fred, Glenn, Gnat, Hayley, Heather, Jared, Jesse, Joey, Joey-2, Jonathon, Julia, Kermit, Lesley, Solomon, Stephski, Vanessa, Xander , and all the authors and artists who came together to make this paper.

Slingshot Technology Meeting

We’ve been putting off dealing with how the internet and other technological details relate to publishing our paper in a comprehensive way for years by putting band aids on top of band aids. On Saturday April 6 at 2 pm, we’re going to have an open discussion of what technology we want to apply and how to do it. If you know about tech stuff and want to help us explore and improve ways of spreading slingshotty-info digitally, join us at this meeting.

Slingshot New Volunteer Meeting

Volunteers interested in getting involved with Slingshot can come to the new volunteer meeting on Sunday March 24, 2013 at 4 p.m. at the Long Haul in Berkeley (see below.)

Article Deadline & Next Issue Date

Submit your articles for issue 113 by April 20, 2013 at 3 p.m.

Volume 1, Number 112, Circulation 20,000

Printed February 1, 2013

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Slingshot Box

Slingshot is an independent, volunteer-run, more-often-than-quarterly radical newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988.

The profusion of flowers, the days staying light until later, the warm temperatures — spring is so amazing. A time to reorganize, refocus and clean house. This is a good time to refine our experiments at combining personal lives filled with excitement, freedom and pleasure with the struggle for social progress. It can’t be a trade-off, where we have to choose between grim activism and private escapism. That is a false choice. In fact, living a full life amidst an impersonal system of death, toil and boredom is subversive. How can we share and spread our subversion this year?

Let us count the ways: * Our collective is looking forward to a retreat this month to talk about long-term vision. We’re excited to be publishing more often with more contributors — who knows what other improvements and projects we may conjure up?!?

* Some members of the collective are looking forward to the summer travel season — experiencing different ways of living and getting to see the efforts of other radicals around the world — plus adventure & romance!

* This issue features Xarick’s second installment in his series on global warming. We hope we’ll see more activism — and individual behavior change — in response to global warming. Global warming is the mother of all environmental threats — almost every industrial activity that supports the modern way of life contributes to global warming. Continuing with business as usual — living the way you grew up and the way your parents lived — is simply not a sustainable, long-term option. Addressing global warming means attacking the centralization of power in the hands of the techno/industrial elite. How will we live better, more simply and less materialistically in the future?

* Finally, along with new struggle, new adventures and new plans, some of us in the collective have been experiencing up close the amazing part that death plays in the cycle of life and change. It hurts and is disorienting to lose people we love, but like spring, death can offer us an opportunity to look back on where we’ve been and think ahead to what we might be able to do with the time we have left. Death teaches that our lives are short, and that we have to make each moment count. And it underlines the things that are really important — the way we love each other, our capacity for pleasure and creativity, and how amazing it is to just wake up in the morning.

Slingshot is always on the lookout for writers, artists, editors, photographers, translators, distributors and independent thinkers to help us make this paper. If you send something written, please be open to editorial changes. Note: because of the large volume of submissions we receive, we may not contact you back if we don’t use your submission.

Editorial decisions are made by the Slingshot collective, but not all the articles reflect the opinions of all collective members. We welcome debate, constructive criticism and discussion.

Slingshot New Volunteer Meeting

Volunteers interested in getting involved with Slingshot can come to the new volunteer meeting May 8 at 1 p.m. at the Long Haul in Berkeley (see below).

Article Deadline and Next Issue Date

Submit your articles for issue 87 by May 28, 2005 at 3 p.m. We expect the next issue out in mid-June.


McJesus: Corporate Christianity

Dear Slingshot:

Regarding “The Guts of American Christianity” (Issue #85): Good article. I think it’s timely and important that we, as a movement, begin to take stock of what institutional religion is up to, and how these communities either impede or could support revolutionary ends.

Something surreptitiously left out of the article, however, is the extreme collusion between contemporary churches and capital.

San Antonio, home of five military installations, and numerous corporate churches is a perfect example. Last weekend, I went to a “church” called “Tree of Life” outside of New Braunfels Texas. This is no small “community” based church, but rather a huge corporate compound that resembles more a mall or shopping center than a traditional church. Our idea was to leaflet the parking lots with anti-war propaganda that had an ethico-moral reprobation of the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan. (The parking lot alone is on acres and acres of concrete, replete with red jacketed security, orange-coated attendants and toll booths.)

However, what really blew our minds was walking into the church and seeing a fucking $tarbucks and Kri$py Kreme Donut franchise inside the church! We were somewhat mentally prepared for spectacle, but it was still nothing short of shocking to witness such a blatant display of pro-capital collusion inside the “temple.” (If it could be properly so called. One immediately thinks of the story of Jesus and the “money-changers” and wonders what it would be like for Jesus to come along and smash the fucking corporate enterprises inside the temple!) Anyway, I lack the prose to sufficiently describe this post-modern church/mall thing, and our reactions to it. Really. I did notice that their literature, located in their book kiosk across from the $tarbucks, was mainly corporate propaganda. Titles like “How to Close the Deal of Your Life,” and “The Seven Steps to Successful Partnership,” etc. Business seminar authors like Zig Ziglar and such seemed to “out-trump” (to borrow from their heavily capitalist metaphor lexicon) any religious topics in the traditional sense of the word. And where the “services” were being held resembled more of a Cinemark movie theater than a church: reclining movie theater seats, (although I didn’t notice any cupholders on the armrests!), two giant twelve foot plasma screen TV’s, corporate rock playing on the loudspeakers, and multi-colored arena rock lighting to boot. This was more like a business seminar than a church in my estimation. However, experiences like this do raise some serious questions about the nature of religion within capitalist societies and the ability of capital to subsume any and everything within it’s reach. Also, the nature of language within these socio-religious architectures and how meaning is imbibed through a collusion of two distinct paradigms: One, the metaphorical language of religion, and two, the metaphorical language of the corporation. Perhaps they are not distinct at all. Check out:

I would recommend visiting the “new campus tour” and watching the video. It was apparently made before the monstrosity was finished being erected, but it will give you a good idea of the nature of these corporate churches.

Another thing we realized after drifting through this place was the difficulty we face in critiquing the social structure among adherents to corporatized religion because it is so deeply tied to their ideology. For instance, because a $tarbucks is where they go to worship, it is associated with their religion and takes on some of the more metaphysical characteristics of their faith. So it tends to be viewed as integral to their faith; an attack upon it, or the system of low wages and social sterility it represents then becomes an attack on their belief system. (??)

At any rate, this collusion between the corporate structure and the structure of contemporary churches should be given over to some serious analysis…..

—[Name withheld]

Palestine: 2 States is too many

Dear Slingshot:

Before the Palestinian election, leftist papers were replete with editorials on how leftists / socialists / anti-authoritarians / etc should support Marawan Barghouti for the leadership of the PLO. Around this time, Slingshot carried an article by Zeev Bin Natan [“PLO to Arafat's Popular Successor: Stand Aside for the Puppet” (Issue #84)] that stated “At the present critical juncture, anti-authoritarians should be part of a broad international movement to ensure the emergence of a new Palestinian leadership with strong ties to the Palestinian masses”. This sentiment is not unique to Mr. Natan but instead seems to hold weight within the American radical left, and is what I hope to address here.

The notion that it is not our place as Americans to critique other cultures’ liberation movements, and instead support them in their quest for “autonomy,” even under a nationalist banner, holds no place in anarchist theory. Rather, to support Marawan Barghouti, one would have to ignore two fundamental tenets of anarchist theory. The first is the issue of representation.

Just as not all Americans have the same interests, and thus cannot be accurately represented by any one person, neither can all Palestinians. Throughout the election season in our country, groups such as the Bl(A)ck Tea Society and Anarchist Resistance highlighted that no political leader can accurately represent our will. In fact, no one can accurately represent us but ourselves. This holds not just for Americans, but also Palestinians; Natan’s assumption that Barghouti can somehow represent “the Palestinian masses” is racist at best. To quote Sam Mbah of the Nigerian Awareness League, “Freedom does not mean equal access to coercive power [through free elections], but rather that it means freedom from coercive power.” A nationalist bourgeois Palestinian government will still rely on the same authoritarian apparatus as the Israeli occupation government.

Secondly, nationalist struggles built around racial and ethnic lines ignore a deeper current that more accurately highlights the real conflict: class. Barghouti, along with the rest of the PLO’s leadership, represent the wealthiest of the wealthy in Palestine. His interests are diametrically opposed to that of the Palestinian people. As has been shown in every example of modern de-colonization, once the western occupying power was removed, the bourgeois “leaders” of the popular liberation struggle quickly filled their role.

The best example of this process, an example that resonates deeply in Palestine, is South Africa. One of the strongest opponents of the European exploitation in South Africa (both of poor blacks and poor Afrikaners) was COSATU, a syndicalist-oriented trade organization. As the union grew in strength though, its leadership was taken over by members of the bourgeois democratic African National Congress. Although successful in overthrowing apartheid, their struggle did not fundamentally change South African society, as the members of the ANC, who had promoted solely racial struggle, occupied the positions of power left vacant by the Afrikaners. Soon after winning the first “free” South African election, Nelson Mandela proceeded to enter into agreements with the World Bank, returning South Africa to the control of European and American capital and leaving “his people” in the same poverty they had known for hundreds of years.

The same will happen in Palestine, even under a single unified government. Men like Marawan Barghouti ultimately will follow not the interests of their people, but of their class. Real freedom in Palestine will not come from nationalist struggles, but rather from revolutionary class struggle, which will unite all those exploited, regardless of ethnicity, and break the chains of the capitalist state. To quote the Israeli National Traitors Anarchist group, “Two states for two nations is two states too many”.

—Pete X

Bring DOwn BIO

June 18-21 in Philadelphia, thousands of biological profiteers representing the Biotechnology Industry Organization will convene to celebrate and promote their dangerous manipulation of life’s very building blocks for private gain. In response, thousands of concerned activists and citizens will gather to decry this ruthless commodification of Earth’s biodiversity and the proliferation of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). All who dare to paint poems of resistance on walls of oppression, dance in city streets in defiance of police states, and plant seeds of sedition in the shadows of Empire: come to Philadelphia!

Reclaim The Commons! notes: “We recall a custom much older than two-party Republics, in which croplands, grazing land and forests were a public domain that benefited the whole community and belonged exclusively to no one. In today’s global society, our commons encompass the biological strata that sustain life on earth — air, water, food, medicine, energy, biodiversity — plus the means of communication, education and transit that connect us culturally. Today, to a degree unprecedented in human history, corporations have seized this public wealth and privatized it to reap growing profits for a small and ever-shrinking elite.

“Sustainable, community-based alternatives to corporate biotech are possible and viable, and we are making them real! At our counter-convention in June, we will not only shine an educational spotlight on the dangers of GE food, medicine and weapons, but will also exhibit the grassroots eco-solutions taking shape in our own communities. The Philadelphia area is home to a fabulous array of community gardens and organic farms, food co-ops and urban nutrition initiatives, radical health collectives and advocates for universal public health care, groups of student environmentalists and war resisters, interfaith leaders for human rights and renewable energy, and diverse neighborhood coalitions against police brutality, the gutting of public services, and environmental injustice …”

Under the Pavement Organizing Collective notes “our enemies are not just GMOs but global capitalism, neo-colonialism, patriarchy, the industrial ethos, & anthropocentric western science itself, which aim to reduce all people and nature to orders of coercion and control.”

Contact:, Nathaniel (215) 222 4711,,

Queeruption 8: Barcelona!

Queeruption 8 will be held May 30-June 6 in Barcelona! Queeruption is a non-commercial, DIY, radical queer gathering full of workshops, skillshares, art, fucking, parties, food, and politics. Past Queeruptions have been held in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Sydney. This Barcelona queeruption might be the first one that’s not primarily English speaking! Maybe next year there will be one in Mexico City, or maybe El Paso and Juarez!?

Queers in the Bay Area are busting out numerous fabulous fundraisers, putting our relatively robust local economy to work for the always-free Queeruption. Money goes to everything from totally sexy portajohns to setting up a fund to help activists from economically disadvantaged countries get to upcoming Queeruptions. Last year, a big chunk of money was sent to Queer Serbia.

Check out these fabulous fun parties in SF to have fun while spreading american $ a little farther. On April 28 there’s Unisexy at the Make-Out Room, where you’ll find a Queer Dating game with Audience Participation! April 29 at night is the extremely fancy Ravenous! Dinner Theatre at CounterPULSE. May 12 it’s a Slutty Sleazy Makeout Party at the Stud featuring Full Moon Partisans and other bands.

Why go to Queeruption, why help raise money for it? It’s what keeps some of us alive, living in scenes where queers are sometimes hard to find— even when queer allies are many. Queeruption is decentralized and automous; we must work to expand the queeruption community, making it accessible to more and more people.

The first Queeruption happened in the spring of 1998, when about a hundred queers spent a weekend together in a squatted building in South London. The organizers’ goal was to make a politically inspiring and educational gathering that was open to all, and was about us all taking initiative, creating and participating, instead of just consuming a lifestyle sold to us.

Ongoing discussions within the community include topics of race, class, and cultural exclusivity, ablism, gender binarism /transphobia, and the reproduction of oppresive sexual norms within radical communties. At Queeruption, radical queers delve into fantastic meaty political topics… and top off the discussion by delving into each other!!! Fuck yeah!!!

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Organizer update

We still have some leftover copies of the small 2005 version of the organizer. Because we printed too many, we’re having a sale on the small size: just $1.50 each wholesale. You have to order at least 20 copies to get this price. If you want less than 20 copies, you’ll have to order from a retail mail order distro — check our website for a list. We also have a few copies of the spiral bound organizer available for $9 each (including postage) or $5 each if you order at least 6.

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If you have ideas, graphics, historical dates, etc. for the 2006 version — due out October 1, 2005 — send them to us by July 1 or sooner. We’re always looking for more listings for our radical contact list, so if you know of one in your area that isn’t listed, please send it. Contacts have to have a physical address and usually a phone number. We’ll put it together in August — if you’re in the Bay Area in August and want to help out, let us know.

A note about historical dates: we have a database of 10-50 events for each day of the year. Since we only print 3-4 historical dates per day, that means that many, many important historical events don’t appear in any particular edition of the organizer. If a date didn’t appear in 2005, it may have appeared in 2003 or maybe it will in 2006. So if you want to suggest historical dates, keep in mind that if it is a fairly obvious one, we almost surely already have it – its failure to appear in 2005 doesn’t mean we don’t care about that date – it just means that we don’t want to print the same exact events year after year (boring!)

Slingshot seeks 2006 Organizer interns

The Slingshot collective is looking for a person or persons to help distribute the 2006 Slingshot Organizer — the distro is a massive job that has gotten beyond our small collective’s abilities the past few years. This is not paid — we’re an all volunteer collective. For distro, we’re looking for help any time between September 15 and December 15. Keeping up with orders can take 8-20 hours a week during that time so you would have time for paid work or you could volunteer with other projects around town. We may be able to help you find housing. If you’re interested in creating the organizer, we can use help there too but during a much shorter window — an intense week in mid-late August – we’ll know more specific dates in late June or July.

We’re using the magic word “intern” because that has gotten a lot of response the past few years, but what we’re really looking for is someone to join the collective (temporarily or forever) and be our equal by sharing decision making and work with other folks in the collective. We are not bosses and we’re not looking for an employee or slave. The folks already in the collective do as much shipping as we can — we just don’t have time to keep up with all of it. In addition to doing Organizer shipping stuff, the collective will be publishing the paper during the fall, which means you’ll be in on meetings, editing, writing, art, etc.

This is a great opportunity for someone to learn about a collective publishing project. Please contact us if you are interested:

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Slingshot Box

Slingshot is an independent, volunteer-run, more-often-than-quarterly radical newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988.

Though it sometimes appears that repression is increasing nationally and internationally and there’s little hope of political relief in the States any time soon, we’re gonna continue on with the paper. Every stone you throw is important, even against armored tanks. Eventually, there will be enough of us to use catapults.

In March, Slingshot turns 17 years old! Never coquettish, we’re proud to be outspoken and wacky.

Last issue, we put out a call for more submissions, and we’ve been inundated with ‘em. Having more material to create the paper does at least three things: it lets us focus more on layout and editing, usually raises the quality of material in the paper, and improves the political and geographical diversity. This issue’s articles are from authors in Tennessee, Thailand and Japan — as well as Berkeley and Oakland. So, we again urge you to send us your articles. Slingshot is part-you, part-us.

As you’ll notice, there’s a Spanish page in this issue! Thanks to the translators!!! We’d love more (or any!) Spanish or bilingual submissions.

Thanks to Holi ( for the poster on page 11 and to Nikki McClure for the cover art ( Nikki cuts her pictures from paper using an x-acto knife! We love it when people send us fantastic art. In publishing these two pieces of art, we once again saw our archaic, pre-computerized, wax and scissors production methods running up against the sad, modern reality that publishing is all computerized now. How long can we hold out against the micro-chip tide? We don’t know for sure, but whereas it once was about our lack of money to buy computers, now its about soul. A digitized world is a cold lifeless world.

This issue was brought to you by beer, hot tubs, New Zealand stripies, and a fabulous quiche made from dumpstered eggs. Never pay for eggs in Alameda County!

As always, editorial decisions are made by the Slingshot collective, but not all the articles reflect the opinions of all collective members. We welcome debate, constructive criticism and discussion.


Herbs not the only abortion option

Hi slingshot-ers,

Thanks for the new organizer, i’m glad for the update in the back pages! no more west coast astrology charts (finally!!) & plus the inclusion of the periodical table rocks!

i am a anarcha-single-mom. i am excited to see stuff on relationships & more sex positive info.

i am concerned about some of the reproductive health care information. i come from a fiercly-pro choice backgrand & as a young mama myself & am now in medical skool…so i have done TONS of research about contraception & options if you’re pregnant.

first, i hope that next year you’ll include more on contraception (and more alternatives to penis vagina sex)

mostly, tho, i am concerned about the over-reliance on herbs as effective forms of birth control/abortifcants. i’ve noticed in the ecoanarcho-scene that there is a vibe that looks down on hormonal birth control, or even the IUD etc, as “not natural”. basically i think that a lot of folks in our scenes judge herbs as being the ultimate form of health care. i’ve seen SO many women get prego using “natural family planning” and SO many women’s herbal abortions fail. the most optimistic data i’ve read is that 50 % of herbal remedies work in preventing pregnancy. but, elsewhere i’ve read that herbal remedies (vit C, carrot seed, cohosh etc) are no better than placebos. basically, women are gunna get seriously shafted if they rely soley on this herb information (which, hey, hopefully no one is doing…but…)

its really important for me to make sure that women who are maybe unexpectedly pregnant make sure that they have a health care provider & a support system. Plan B is readily accessible in most major cities & college campuses, but if women wait a few days to see if their carrot seeds kick in, they aren’t going to have the time to take Plan B. (Also, plan B works upto FIVE DAYS…not 3…and in some cities is available thru a pharmacist, not just thru a doctor’s visit & is covered by most Medical Assistance.) anyhow, if women don’t want to deal with a pregnancy crisis we should not advocate carrot seeds as a radical remedy.

women need to know what to do when/if herbs don’t work & they want to terminate their pregnancy. there have been cases of women thinking that herbals, like cohosh, are working, because they’re cramping, when actually they have an ectopic pregnancy. this has resulted in at least one woman dying.

word. please include more information about women’s health! please remember that herbs, in general, don’t prevent pregnancy with high accuracy. if they did i can guarantee that no one would be unexpectedly pregnant. women need information about medical and surgical abortions too! we need more accurate info on how to mimic Plan B with birth control pills


can you add a page about consent & contraception? abortion? parenting?



Thanks, “Junkie”

i just wanted to write to let you know that i really enjoyed reading the article, “Junkie: We the People” in issue 83, Autumn 2004. i have had a history with drug use and while fortunately i never got into using anything harder than marijuana, i still ended up spending a summer in rehab at the end of my freshman year in high school. after that i got into the whole underground scene and decided to claim edge and until i went to college this last fall i kept that edge. but yeah, i just really liked what you said about seeing people not as junkies or as the stigmas society has created, because having been edge even after experiencing some of the struggles of drug use myself, i started to lose sight of that, and it wasn’t until recently that i realized what a closed-minded person i had become. and i still see a lot of alienation from the straight-edge kids toward those who are not. i don’t know, this turned out to be really scattered and somewhat incoherent, but i just wanted to let you know that i thought it was cool that you would write an article on this subject especially within a community that is (ironically) many times very closed minded to the free-thinking that you have displayed.

- colin

Support Radical Education! Send your zines!


I’d like to request a subscription to Slingshot for Special English Program (SEP), a post-high school program in Umpium Mai Refugee Camp, Thailand, for Burmese refugees. The school has 100 adult students and is trying to build up the periodical library so students can learn about progressive politics.

Material with progressive/anarchist politics are especially useful because many of the students will do activist work in the community after graduation. We have a very limited budget so we were wondering if you and other indy publishers could donate subscriptions? Back issues would also be great.

The postal address is:

SEP School PO Box 114 Mae Sot, 63110 THAILAND

Please contact me if you need any more information and happy New Year.

In solidarity,


Global Day of Action Against the G8

Activists in Europe are calling for a Global Day of Action July 5-8 2005 to coincide with the G8 Summit at Gleneagles, Perthshire, United Kingdom (Scotland, around 40 miles / 70 km from Edinburgh). The G8 is made up of the world’s most powerful capitalist countries which meet annually to coordinate the global economy. The summit, and ongoing activities throughout the year, involves communication between central bankers, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, think tanks and government finance ministers. The G8 shapes the lives of workers around the world with scant public participation. Much of the increasing trend towards a globalized world economy based on lowering wages, gutting environmental protection, increasing privatization, destroying local farming and dividing workers across boarders while uniting their bosses can be traced to the G8.

Dissent! Network in the UK has called for people to join the convergence in Scotland to disrupt the Summit, and for people to organize and take part in simultaneous actions in villages, towns and cities around the world.

The plan: On July 2 in Edinburgh: “Make Poverty History March”. July 3: “Protest at Dungavel Detention Centre” (Ayrshire). July 4 “Blockade of Faslane Nuclear Weapons Base” (Argyll) July 5: “Convergence on Gleneagles G8” (Perth) July 6th-8th, Gleneagle Hotel “Alternative Summit and Big Protests G8” (Perth) July 9: Gleneagle Hotel “Alternatives Concert.” (Perth)

For info, check out: www.agp.

or and or email

Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference

Following up a successful 2003 Anarchist People of Color conference in Detroit, Michigan, the next Anarchist People of Color conference is being proposed for October 7-9, 2005 in Houston, Texas. Stay to the 10th to march against 500+ years of colonization on Monday October 10th (formally Colombus Day)!

Since the 2003 event, there have been APOC regional gatherings, new collectives and many projects, and we’re still going strong. Where are we as a unified movement? Come discuss community action, theory, internal struggles, external struggles, with the larger theme of “We are one, we are many, and we are a part of something bigger…”

Anarchism offers a dynamic ideology and methods of struggle against racism, poverty, police brutality, and other issues affecting peoples of color. We add ideals about building movements based on the masses of people rather than charismatic leaders, and building a new kind of radicalism recognizing that the political government is not our friend, nor is electoral activity a way to obtain our freedom. We will get our freedom and justice in the streets when we stand up and take back our communities from the white power structure. Finally, we present a new method of uniting all peoples of color against the common enemy, not just capitalism and the state, but white supremacy/European domination in all its forms.

As with the 2003 conference, the 2005 event is only open to people of color. Those sympathetic to the conference are encouraged to offer political support, solidarity and deep and honest understanding while we hold this conference and build our movement.

The conference will be kid friendly and some housing and travel assistance is available. There is a conference fee; no one turned away. For conference materials, downloadable flyers, information on how you can help, or anything else, visit To participate, send your name, level of interest, commitment and what skills/committee you would like to contribute: