Issue #117 is available. The article deadline for issue #118 is February 14, 2015

issue117Our next issue will focus on the theme of Racism and Police Violence. If you would like to submit art or an article, please send your work to before our article deadline on February 14th.


Timeline for work on issue #118:

Feb 14 3-6 pm- article editing

Feb 15 1-7 pm – article editing – meeting at 5ish

Feb  20  8 pm  – all night meeting to select which articles to publish

Feb 21 / 22 10 am – late at night:  layout / art party w/ some meetings

Feb. 23  6 pm – late – final proofreading

March 1 – mailing work party 1 pm – late

all of this and more at Long Haul Infoshop 3124 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley


Also, PLEASE bring us your spare rubber bands  – we need them for the mailing!!!!!

The 2015 organizer is now available!  click here! to see a list of local stores that carry the organizer, links to mail-order distro websites, and names of the 2015 cover colors.

2015 POCKET ORGANIZER Partial PRODUCT RECALL — oops – we used a new binding company this year and we’ve been noticing some poor quality bindings for the pocket sized books (only) — it seems like about 5% of them have a gap in the binding so that one or 2 pages (usually in the first 16 pages of the book) might fall out. If you get a defective one, we are super sorry and we can send you a replacement if necessary.  We will credit stores for any defective organizers we mistakenly sent them before we noticed the problem.  Look at the ends of it when making your selection and don’t buy anything that looks like it has a gap in the binding.
Also, PLEASE bring us your spare rubber bands.
Below is a _rough_ summary of Slingshot’s recent article brainstorm – if you see something on this list that you might be able to write an article about, email and let us know you’re interested – the deadline is Feb. 14:
Copwatch update – how to / guidelines
current politics of HIV – Joey
Walkout at Berkeley High
report back from Black Lives Matter actions
inspirational article re; what’s going on
SF city college / privatization schools
fracking in Calif.
Richardson Grove update
eco defense Nolan Park
Tule Elk at Pt. Reyes
List of police killings
trans people of color violence from police
cameras and police -
Domain Awareness center
new radical spaces in the Bay Area
Tactics of Black Lives Matter
Demographics of Black Lives Matter actions
analysis of breadth of black lives matter actions
interview participants in black lives matter actions
is the black lives matter movement on pause, or over?
structural racism  – housing education in addition to policing
Eric McDavid released from prison
MOVE anniversary of bombing
Assada Shakur threatened by Cuba thaw?
students killed in Mexico
Immigration / borders update
Arizona book censorship
Andy Lopez murder in Santa Rosa
Something about income inequality

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