Join the mailing party for issue #120 – Sunday February 7 anytime between 6-9 pm

The mailing party is at Long Haul Infoshop:  3124 Shattuck Ave Berkeley (2 blocks from Ashby BART – corner of Woolsey and Shattuck – across from La Pena — 510 540 0751.)


Note:  there are also still a few copies of the 2016 organizer available so let us know if you want to order some. (Selling the organizer funds us distributing the newspaper for free.)

Click here to see the articles is issue #120 (Spring 2016)

The 2016 organizer is now available!  click here! to see a list of local stores that carry the organizer, links to mail-order distro websites, and names of the 2016 cover colors.

Note:  2 errors in the spiral 2016 organizer ONLY: (i) on page 3 where there is a 2016/2017 calendar, the headline for 2017 is over the 2016 calendar and the headline for 2016 is over a 2017 calendar.  OOOPS – tell a friend to avoid calendar chaos! (ii)  on June 11 the International day of solidarity with Marius Mason says “Marie”, not Marius.

Also – Oops – the chemical formulas for hormones found in the organizer are apparently incorrect.


.Also, PLEASE bring us your spare rubber bands  – we need them for the mailing!!!!!



The Slingshot Collective